non-GMO plants grown from non-GMO seedsNon-GMO seeds it is seeds of plants, which were obtained by natural selection. Varieties and cultivars are plants without genetic modification and it is worth to be remembered.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) is an organisms whose genetic material has been obtained by unnatural way. This category includes transgenic organisms and all products of genetic engineering. In out time to grow better crops of grain and legumes plants or have more beautiful and appetizing vegetables used genetic engineered seeds. For example, non-GMO corn seeds at 10-20% smaller than modified ones, and its corn ear has less grains. Non-GMO sunflower seeds content for 35% less fat than modified.

Effect of GMOs on the human organism isn’t fully explored but most scientists have general opinion that if there is any chance to avoid growing and eating GM productss we must use this opportunity and use non-GMO agricultural technologies. That’s why non-GMO seeds which are created by nature or usual selection become more popular day by day.

It’s impossible to distinguish non-GMO seeds and GMO seeds only by there looking. The only way to see the difference and find where each of them it’s germinate these seeds. Those germs witch will be more strong and bigger are GMO.

Each manufacturer must print on the package whether it’s non-GMO seeds or GMO ones.

Now the most popular corps of technical cultures such as soybeans, corn, canola, wheat, barley, sunflower are genetically modified.

If you want to grow in your own garden or field high quality vegetables for your family or sell and high cost products you must grow plants only from non-GMO seeds. In today’s world, when we may see that price for food rising and its quality reduced — growing your own vegetables is the way to good health and economy. Non-GMO products 100% safe and healthful, so let’s buy and grow plants from non-GMO seeds.

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